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Our Version of Valentine's Day 

  • Love Flowers ?  

  • Have a lover who loves inhaling the Fresh scent of Flowers ?  

  • Ever notice the soothing aromatherapy flowers can offer ?  


We have created the First Ever : Breathable and Inhalable Flowers Line

Our Inhalable Flower Waters are made using 100% Organic Flower Essential Oils and Waters.  These "Flower Waters" are then enhanced with Collagen, Vitamin A, B complex, C, D, E & CoQ10.  

The Honey Lavender Sleep Water is further enhanced with 5mg of Melatonin.  

The Amore mixes a sweet Creamy Rose with Geranium Oils.  

The Flora mixes sweet Hibiscus with Vanilla.  This unique flavor can win over anyone and is one of our most liked Formulas.  

The Tonic Edition is not necessarily Flowers, but it is made using a Reishi Mushroom Extract mixed into an incredibly soothing Ginger, Honey, Lemon, Tea Extract Flavor.  Reminds you of Grandmas homemade Tonic when you were not feeling well.  

These Inhalable Flower Waters make the Ultimate Gift for the Holidays!  

These four Flower Waters were launched in July of 2016.  All of our Flavors and Formulas are made in the USA at cGMP FDA compliant labs.