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Mineral Enhancement Water Filtration Systems

VitaStick offers a new line of Water Filtration Systems which strip Home-Tap and Bottled Water of undesired components (such as chlorine, arsenic, lead, copper, nitrates, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, rust, dirt, bacteria and virus).  Our systems then restructure the purified stripped water with necessary Essential Minerals, Ions, Hydrogen, PH, and it Magnetically aligns the water molecules into hydrogen rich Hexagonal molecules, similar to those found in natures fresh water flowing rivers.  Our systems also create an anti-oxidant Kangen Low ORP Water -100mV.  This low ORP water, is proven to energize cells in animals and plants. 

Our Mineralizing Water Filter System is designed to create delicious and healthy water that seriously hydrates and aides health in dozens of proven ways.  Our family has used these systems for years, and we feel everyone should have one.