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The Rise Of The

The Rise Of The "Personal Diffuser" Stick - Is Essential Oil Vaping Safe?

December 14, 2017 0 Comments

The Rise of The Personal Diffuser Stick.

"Is Essential Oil Vaping Safe?"  

Writer Kathryn Tuggle from GoodHouseKeeping.com covered a story about Essential Oil Vaping and The Personal Diffuser Stick. 

Kathryn did a fantastic job covering many solid points about the subject matter.  She spoke with Essential Oil Aromatherapy Experts, Doctors, and she even reached out to us.  She wanted to speak with our founder, Al Santos, the this niche space in the aromatherapy market. 

Vaping is very broad word.  Aromatherapy is equally broad.  There are many different ways to vaporize something, and many different aromatherapy product and techniques.  But in early 2014 VitaStik was the first company to merge these two categories of products together.  Furthermore, VitaStik added Vitamins and Holistic Wellness Herbs to enhance the personal diffuser stick experience.  

After reading Kathryn's story (please click the link below to read the whole story), one thing is clear, Essential Oil Vaping is on the rise in a huge way, and it's helping thousands of people every day who suffer from Anxiety, Stress, Panic Attacks, Headaches, PTSD, and any other related symptoms.  

What we think is most interesting about Essential Oil Sticks, is that no matter who you are, what you suffer from, almost everyone can agree, they certainly help you to remember to take a moment, relax, and enjoy life.  

VitaStik is the only company using 100% Edible Organic Formulas, from crushed fruits, flowers, herbs, and their essential oils.  There are many other companies trying to make similar products in this space, but we believe very few, if any come close to the Original Vitamin Essential Oil Vaporizer VitaStik.  Try them all, and them come back and let us know what you think!  We love hearing from customers who have tried other products, and how the think it compared to our Vitamin Aroma Stick.  
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