Vita-Stick Featured on Heathers Closet

Vita-Stick Featured on Heathers Closet

March 23, 2017

Vita-Stick Featured on Heather's Closet

Heather Dubrow of Heather's Closet, and her Nanny Danielle Attias, discussed Vita-Stick aka VitaStik on the latest episode of Heather's Closet, "What's in my Purse?".  


Danielle pulled a VitaStik from her purse and took an inhaltion from one of our our Amore Sticks - this is our Organic Healing Rose Water line.  We call it the world's only Inhalable Flowers line.  Danielle talks about how and why she loves VitaStik our vitamin essential oil diffuser.  Heather continues on by pulling a large silver tape-measure from her purse, saying she always carries one.  What an awesome lady she is!  Clearly a hard working mother of four, who says she is always working on their new home.  From the looks of her closet, she is doing a fanatic job!  Keep up the hard work Heather and Danielle and thank you for sharing your VitaStik with your awesome viewers. 


You can watch the new episode live on Heather's youtube channel. 
 Watch the video here or you can access and follow Heather's Channel CLICKING HERE : 
Danielle Attias with her Amore VitaStik
VitaStik social media can be found at @VitaStik

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