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The secret to dealing with Anxiety by Louise Edwards

May 06, 2017

Blogger LOUISE EDWARDS from YouTube details her secret to dealing with Social Anxiety

Hint hint ...VitaStik Essential Oil Aromatherapy.  Everyday we get feedback about how our handheld essential oil diffuser stick has helped someone with PTSD, Anxiety, or just simple Mood Enhancement throughout the day.  We call it #InstaMood

Follow Louise as she goes over her favorites from our Organic Vitamin Stick Line.  She is hosting a VitaStik give away next week also, so be sure to sign up for that!  You can find more about Louise on her YouTube : CLICK HERE


While Louise expresses her thoughts about Flavors and Formulas that worked for her, there is a serious science that goes into each Formula.  Vitamins, Holistic Wellness Herbs, and Essential Oils work together to instantly enhance ones mood. 

Thank you Louise for sharing your experience with our Vitamin Essential Oil Diffuser Stick.  Hopefully it can help others with their Anxiety! 

Stay tuned for our Newest Line coming with VitaWater

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