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タムラメグミ タムメグ♡ママシンガーソングライターとかその他色々♡音楽♡育児♡日常♡ ビタミンスティック 恋人

VITASTIKの使い方.  〜によって tamumeg




Japan is one of the largest markets for VitaStik.  We love seeing our Stix being used daily around the world.  Our Vitamin Stick has become a worldwide sensation in about 33 countries.  Every week we ship to at least this many countries.  We are expanding our teams weekly.  If you own a web-store or retail shop, you can purchase our organic vitamin vapor sticks in bulk.  There are many translations for our Aromatherapy Stick in other countries: Vitabon, Vitacci, Vitastix, Vitastiq, VitaStic, Vitacig, ainoha.  We do not endorse the use of those sticks, as they are made in China using synthetic flavor and scent chemicals. 

The VitaStik 2.0 sold by is made in USA, using USDA Organic Ingredients which are food grade and edible. Our formulas are made from crushed fruits, flowers, herbs, extracts, and essential oils.  Handheld Aromatherapy Stick.  Take the guess work out of diffusing, pick up a Vitamin Stick and Inhale Health. #vitastix #vitacci #vitabon

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