VitaStik ULTIMATE Discount Pack




VitaStik Ultimate Pack - All 10 Flavors of the New VitaStik 2.0


In 2014 VitaStik created the world's first Inhalable Vitamin Essential Oil Stick.  We use water vaporization & essential oil diffusing technology to create the most unique, healthy and affordable Aromatherapy Experience.  A must try for those who love Essential Oils, Diffusing, Aromatherapy, Supplementing, Herbs, Extracts and Vitamins.  

Since then millions worldwide who have tried and fallen in love with our Breath Activated Diffuser Sticks.  We have improved our 10 best selling formulas with enhanced effects from organic herbs, extracts, and therapeutic essential oils, all at a 50% discount packed together.  

  1. ENERGIZE - Orange & Grapefruit Oils with B12 & Ginseng
  2. BEAUTY - Sweet Watermelon Waters with Mint & Rose Oils
  3. RELAX - Blackberry Blueberry Currant Waters with Lavender & Ylang Oils
  4. CALM - Green Tea Vanilla Waters with Rose Oil & Valerian Root Extract
  5. BREATHE - Spearmint Waters with Myrrh, Basil, Eucalyptus Oils & Ginseng
  6. WELLNESS TONIC - Gingery Honey Waters with Lemon Oils & Reishi Mushroom Extract
  7. FLORA - Hibiscus and Vanilla  |  Soothing and Sweet
  8. HANDSOME - Cooling Coconut Waters with Damiana & Honey Goat Weed Extracts
  9. SLEEP - Lavender and Honey Waters with Dream Herb & Melatonin Extract
  10. AMORE - Sweet Creamy Fresh Rose Oils


  1. FOCUS : Coffee and Cream Waters & Oils with Ginkgo Biloba Extracts
  2. SILVER BULLET : Cooling Menthol Blast, Sweet and Cold

NEWEST SUPREME PACK : We now offer all 12 Formulas to sample now. 

We also offer the 10 Flavor Pack, in the larger 30 stick Party Pack.  This 30x Pack is our deepest discount pack we offer, 30 Vitamin Sticks for $219.99 = $7.33 per/Stik.  It makes a great gift to share handheld aromatherapy with loved ones for the holidays, or as a Stocking Stuffer.  


All flavors are Enhanced with Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Flavor Waters 
Breathe "Enhanced Air" ...
No Chemicals, No Calories, No Smoke, No PG, No Diacetyl, No Sugar,  No Nicotine, Non-GMO, Vegan, Kosher
All Vitamin Sticks contain roughly 1 RDI (recommended daily intake) of Vitamin A, B2, B6, B12, C, D, E & CoQ10.  With up to 500 vitamin Aromatherapy sessions per-stick. 
The Video Below Shows to use the Breathe Activated Blow Through Method. 
WARNING : Do not buy from overseas knockoff imitation sellers and websites claiming to be Official VitaminVape or AINOHA, or VitaBon.  They are made in China with chemicals you do not want to ingest. 

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