Mineral Alkaline Hydrogen Water Ionizer Stick

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Alkaline Mineral Hydrogen Water Ionizer Stick


Instant Great Tasting Mineral Alkaline Water


Vita Water Stick - is a special blend of natural stones designed to add minerals, anti-oxidants, and ions, into regular water.  Creating instantly energized water molecules ready for drinking.

Simply put the Stainless Steel Stick into a glass of water, or bottled water.  In about 10 - 25 minutes, regular water will be transformed into the best natural mineral spring water mother-nature has to offer. 

The natural stones inside the stick immediately starts adding essential minerals, ions and alkalizing the water.  Adding Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium, Copper, and many other beneficial minerals.  High in Anti-Oxidant for other natural anti-aging properties with more antioxidants then Vitamin C.  


Natural Stone Contents Include : 
  • MAIFAN STONES : contain plenty of micro-nutrient elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and selenium, all essential to a healthy human body
  • TOURMALINE STONES : to raise the pH and alkalize water
  • NEGATIVE ORP STONES : Negative potential stones to reduce the ORP value, which creates highly energized water
  • FAR INFRARED STONES : Energize the water
  • CALCIUM ION STONES : adds needed calcium for strong bones, hair and nails


Food and water are the greatest source of minerals.  However, both have become so mineral deficient and/or polluted.  They both have become a poor sources for a full compliment of essential daily mineral intake.  As a result, we have become a minerally deficient society.

The Vita Water Stick will dramatically improve the taste, feel, quality and healthful properties of filtered or tap water. 

VitaWater = Life Water ! VitaWater Alkaline Water Stick is a mini Water Conversion System


Vita Water Mineral Alkalizing Stick


If your looking for better tasting, smelling, and a healthier water alternative, then look no further. Take control over the health and safety of your family for around 1-US penny per/liter. You owe it to yourself to TASTE THE DIFFERENCE! We believe the VitaWater Stick can help.


  • Proprietary Blend of Tourmaline Stone
  • Maifanshi Stone * 500cc water PH enhanced to 7.8 to 9.5
  • ORP -100 in 10 minutes
  • Ionizes, Alkalizes & Mineralizes any H20
  • The small molecules of water (48.6Hz), more easily engrossed by the body
  • Water is rich in trace elements
  • Re-Structured H20 for pennies per/Liter
  • Water Meter shows high concentrations “PPM” of Essential Minerals including Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Magnesium
  • Ionized Hydrogen H20 Proven to combat dozen of health issues
  • Reported increased overall health and boosts to immune system
  • Half the water-twice the hydration

*Usage: The stick must be put into distilled, pure, tap, bottled, or mineral water. Gently shake or stir for sometime. *Water will be changed into negative potential small molecule, mineral ion active alkaline H20.

NOTE: Don't put the Water Stick into water overnight or for a long period of time. One stick can filter 90L water. If one person drink 3L water per day, life span is almost 3 Months. Water Sticks are no longer active when chlorine taste and/or smell are highly present.