The Mineral Water Filter System


The Mineral Water Filter System

VitaStick has expanded its health and wellness product line to include its best in class 4-Gallon Mineral Alkalized Water Filter System.  VitaWater

The Mineral Water Filter System is an 8-stage water filtration system.  It is designed to strip Home-Tap or bottled water of undesired components (such as rust, dirt, chlorine, arsenic, lead, copper, nitrates, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, volatile organic compounds, bacteria and virus). 

After stripping tap water down to purified H20, our Mineral Enhancement System works to restructure your water with necessary Essential Minerals, Ions, Hydrogen, PH, and it further Magnetically aligns the water molecules into hydrogen rich Hexagonal molecules, similar to those found in natures fresh water rivers or snowflakes.  Some people call hexagonal water "happy water", or water the way nature intended. 

Our Mineralizing Water Filter System is designed to create delicious and healthy water that seriously hydrates and aides health in dozens of proven ways.  

  • 16- Liter (4.25 gallon)
  • made of BPA free and recyclable polypropylene plastic. 
  • 8 stage filter system.
  • top stage micro-pore ceramic filter designed by NASA for the space station, removes (rust, dirt, bacteria, virus, sediments, VOC's.)
  • 5 stage center filter, silver infused activated carbon, bio-ceramic far infrared balls, river bed mineral alkaline rocks.
  • mineral rocks used to PH balance water, soften and mineralize water with healthy and necessary minerals needed for optimal health and great taste. 
  • magnetic spigot designed to align water in hexagonal water molecules found in nature
  • best tasting, smelling, smoothest and healthiest water on the market
  • best cost per/glass of water available
  • about 22 inches in height and 13 inches in diameter.  Could be used without base, making 16 inches height 
  • This unit comes standard with a magnetized spigot and a complete set of filters: Micro-Ceramic Filter; 5-Stage Mineral Filter Cartridge; and Mineral Stones.
  • filters last 6 months to 6 years (varies by filter and use)
  • guaranteed to make best tasting water after just 1 weeks use


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