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Silver Bullet Menthol Arctic Blast



  • RELEASED December 2017 - Our Newest Stick
  • Our strongest Vitamin Menthol Stick ! 
  • with 40 doses of Vitamin B12 & Ginseng to help help Energize and Blast open your airways.
  • One activation is you need to blast open your the airways in your nose or lungs! 
  • The Cooling Menthol Effects lasts for several minutes after each activation. 
  • It will work to open nasal passages or chest instantly. 
  • This Stick is also amazing for people trying to quit smoking, or seeking a Menthol alternative. 
  • If you have a loved one that you want to quit smoking, try giving them this.
  • Works great for seasonal allergies or chest tightness. 
  • Does not contain Spearmint like our Breathe stick, which is a softer version of this stick, and meant to open your airways better. 

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