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The Vitamin Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Stick

A new and exciting way to get a quick vitamin boost, while indulging in the worlds greatest aromatherapy
All of our organic vitamin Aroma diffusers use the same vitamin base Formula : With Vitamin B2, B6, C, CoQ10 and 40 servings of B12


We then enhance each Organic Formula with Holistic Wellness Herbs, Essential Oils, and Edible Aroma Waters to achieve the desired Mood, Effects, Aromas


So what are you waiting for, pick your Mood-Effect or Aroma-Scent to get started.

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What is VitaStik ?

  • VitaStik combines the healing aromas of therapeutic essential oils, with the wellness benefits of vitamins and holistic herbs, into an easy to use, and affordable aromatherapy diffuser stick. We call it #VitaminAromatherapy
  • Our diffuser sticks are mostly water based, and they create a warm water vapor, similar to steam in a hot shower, but infused with aroma essential oils, wellness herbs, and vitamins.
  • Our mission was to create an Edible USDA Organic Water Diffuser combining the healing aromas of Therapeutic Essential Oils, with the Wellness benefits of Vitamins and Holistic Herbs

Why is VitaStik Different ?

  • VitaStik created this industry, in early 2014, long before the others.
  • We make our formulas and fill our sticks in the USA. While most others do this in sketchy warehouses in China.  
  • Most important : our formulas are 100% Food Grade Edible. Meaning they are first designed to be internally ingested and absorbed. You can literally drink our healthy formulas. You would never want to try this with competitors sticks.
  • Made from USDA Organic crushed and steam distilled flowers, fruits, holistic herbs, their extracts, and essential oils.  
  • Our formulas are mostly water based, not oil based.  
  • No calories, no chemicals, no sugars ...just natures best.  
  • We are proud to say we ship to over 50 countries each year. Millions of happy customers have tried our products worldwide over the 5 years since we launched.
  • The most trusted name in this industry VitaStick, better known as VitaStik.  
  • It is worth noting, our vitamin diffusers will last twice as long as most competitors, if used as recommended below.

How to Use VitaStik ?

There are at least 4 methods of preferred use for VitaStik. Depending on the stick you choose, and the desired effects you hope to achieve. It is best to watch our How To Use Videos below to see each method.

  1. Breathe it in fully for 3 seconds, hold for moment, then slowly release via your nose. Your olfactory bulbs (sense of smell), are located in your nose. Aromatherapy works on the sense of smell.  
  2. Try the Blow Through Method, or Breath Activated Method. Gently blow through the stick, on the silver LED light side. This will allow the sticks to work like a traditional diffuser, but without all the fuss of oils, plugs, and cleaning. Try this in a car with any stick, or over your bed at night with the Lavender Sleep diffuser. It will instantly fill the air around you with essential oils, wellness herbs, and vitamins.  
  3. The Nasal Inhaler, decongestant method. Unleash the power of essential oils. The Breathe and Silver Bullet use powerful oils, that will instantly open your sinuses and breathing pathways. Try using them as an organic nasal inhaler, or chest inhaler to help you breathe.  
  4. Breathe into your mouth, hold for moment, then release from your nose for maximum aroma therapy.  

How Long Does VitaStik Last ?

Every vitamin inhaler stick is Tested and Rated to over : 500 (2 second) activation's, 250 (4 second) activation's, 125 (6 second) activation's. However, please note that this is only if they are used as directed below :

  1. Always replaced end silicone end caps while not using.
  2. Keep sticks flat, not standing up, (or they can leak).
  3. Allow at least 60 - 90 seconds between each activation, (longer is better), for the organic waters to refill.  
  4. These steps will maximize each stick, (up to 1.5 years). You will notice some formulas last slightly longer than others, as some have more waters, and some have more oils, depending on the formula.
  5. We recommend 5 - 20 three second activation's per/day, for a quick vitamin boost aromatherapy relaxation session.
  6. If you do not follow all of these steps, then you can dry out the waters in the diffusers, or drain the battery in half as many activation's listed above.

More Questions ?

Have more questions, read our FAQ's, or message us below.