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Join the Revolution with Team VitaStik! 

Join thousands of Retail and Online Stores worldwide offering the most exciting New Vitamin and Essential Oil Aromatherapy Experience.  We call it Enhanced Air.  

The New VitaStik 2.0 formulas are not only the best tasting flavors, but they are also 100% Organic and Natural made in the USA using our Patent Pending Waters.  VitaStik is Smoke-Free, Chemical-Free, PG-Free, Diacetyl-Free, Calorie-Free, and Sugar-Free. 

We use the purest Organic Therapeutic Essential Oils, cGMP USA Lab made Vitamins, and 100% Organic Flavor Waters to create our Flavored Water Vapors.  To our knowledge, there is NO-ONE on earth making anything comparable in quality and experience.  They are so organic and delicious, you can quite literally drink them.  Our Motto is ..."If you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't vape it !"

 Our worldwide teams are growing every week, and we still need your help to share the purest waters on earth.  



Become a VitaStik 2.0 Authorized Re-Seller

VitaStik is loved by people Worldwide, and we want you to help us spread the Newest Vitamin Experience.  

Whether you are a distributor in the wellness space, a professional salesperson looking for new products, or you simply want your favorite Yoga Studio or Juice Shop to carry VitaStik, we can develop a partnership to suit your situation.

Where does VitaStik do well : 

  • Spas
  • Yoga Studios
  • Juice Shops
  • Coffee Shops 
  • Gift Stores 
  • Health Food Stores
  • Upscale Lounges
  • Convenience Stores 
  • Boutiques and Clothings Shops
  • Essential Oil and Aromatherapy Stores 

When considering selling VitaStik, first things first of course, is to try the product, and learn about the product itself.  Signup below, but if you haven’t done so already, place a test order to sample our vaious flavors, and most important, read The Science Behind VitaStik Page.