Looking at social media, it’s easy to see people around the world absolutely love Aromatherapy, Supplements, Vaporizing, Diffusing, Holistic Wellness Herbs, and Essential Oils.  But who has the time or money required to figure out what works best for him or herself?  There are so many products on the market, some affordable, some very overpriced, and many with less than satisfactory results. 

“I am a firm believer that human beings should attempt to get all their needed vitamins, minerals and nutrients from a well rounded diet, exercise and …lifestyle.  Lifestyle is the key.  However most people do not have the time or money needed to properly educate themselves to lead perfectly healthy lifestyles.

Health is life …and a healthy lifestyle is the first step to a happy life!   This is the reason we named our Company VitaStik.  “Vita”, translates to “Life” in several languages.  Vita-Stick aka VitaStik = Life Stick", says our Founder.

VitaStik was established over three years ago in early 2014 to capture a healthy and happy lifestyle experience.  It was specifically designed to create an Instant Mood Enhancement Experience.  We like to call it #InstaMood.  We designed our Life Stick to be the world's only organic hand-held mood enhancement aromatherapy stick. 

We further enhance each stick with vitamins, therapeutic essential oils, and various holistic herbs crafted to provide the health aspect, or wellness factor necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Thus our Trademarked name Vita-Stick or VitaStik®. 

In essence, VitaStik® is an experience product, or lifestyle company, which focuses on organic health and wellness to help others live a happier life.  Our Life Stick …or Vita Stick will surely improve your mood and overall well being ...instantly.  InstaMood Vitamin Aromatherapy. 

The clearn water vapor generated by our organic VitaStik is created from “Just Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Flavor Waters”.  Our Flavor Waters are created from USDA certified organic crushed flowers, fruits, herbs, their extracts, and their essential oils.  They are designed to be 100% Edible, Kosher Food Grade.  Our motto is "if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't inhale it".  Zero Chemicals, Zero Sugar, Zero Calories, Zero PG (the toxic ingredient found in other products).   Each of our twelve formulas are made in the USA at cGMP FDA compliant labs.  Beware of foreign fake knockoff brands, there are several, and their ingredients are NOT the same no matter what they say, they are made in China, read their boxes, not their websites.  Be smart, buy Direct, from the Creator of the World Famous Vitamin Essential Oil Stick www.VitaStik.com