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FAQ : Frequently Asked VitaStik Questions

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Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions we get at VitaStik.

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VitaStik is personal Vitamin and Essential Oil Diffuser. It was created in Beverly Hills California in early 2014. If the Logo on your VitaStik does not look like this, and does not say "Made in USA" on the box, then it is a fake chemical based Vitamin Stick made in China. There are Korean and German websites selling these chemical based knockoff Sticks. Beware, the FDA banned the chemicals used to make these fake Sticks in 2016. To see images of the chemical Stiks, scroll to bottom of this page.

Real VitaStik's are made using certified Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Waters. Our Flavors and Formulas are made in the USA in cGMP FDA certified labs. Find out more by clicking here : https://www.vitastik.com/pages/the-science-behind-vitastik


Just Vitamins

Therapeutic Essential Oils

Organic Waters

Notice the Korean Wrtiting ? = Chemicals

Notice the 4 Dot Logo instead of our 6 Dot ?

Cheap Plastic Sticker VS FDA approved Anitbacteria Rubber Paint. Logo vs Logo

What is outside is not the problem. It is what is INSIDE the Stik.

Please check your original confirmation email from us Info@VitaStik.com

Click the button "Track My Order Status". If it was shipped, then tracking info will be displayed here. You can live Track your package, or you can contact your local USPS or DHL with your tracking information. Once a package leaves our warehouse and USP / DHL has takes it, it is your and their responsibility to manage any special deliverly needs. This includes any Customs documents or Duty Taxes if any apply.

If your order shows it has not shipped yet, that is because we are still processing your items, which means one more items are on back-order. Once processed, a shipment tracking number will be emailed to you. Please be patient. Back-order will never last more then 21 days, but usually less then 10 days.

Yes, you can do both. Please check your original confirmation email from Info@VitaStik.com

Click the button "Edit or Cancel Your Order". Here you can change anything until your items ship.

Yes, we offer several Tiers of Wholesale pricing starting at a Minimum of 150 Stiks for $825 USD, or ($5.50 USD per/Stik). CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE

We are the Creators and ONLY makers of Genuine and Authentic VitaStik.

  • Since VitaStik has become world famous, there are many cheap, fake, knockoff products, that use Chemicals, Scent Molecules, and other Toxic ingredients that all were recently banned in the USA by the FDA for vaping.

  • We are the ONLY makers of Patent Pending 100% Organic and Natural Flavor Waters.

  • These Organic Waters are used in all the NEW 2016 VitaStik 2.0

  • To learn more, please read here : The Science Behind the VitaStik 2.0

  • Do not be fooled. Do your homework, and buy only Authentic VitaStiks at www.VitaStik.com

Yes, we can and have shipped to almost all counties, this is why our company name is VitaStik Worldwide. In very rare times, customs will block shipments, this is rare but it has happened.

Please check with your country laws first, before placing a large order. Once an order leaves the USA we do not have control over Customs in your country. Items will be tagged as VitaStik ...The Vitamin & Essential Oil Diffuser. It is NOT an E-Cig. Once you place an order, and it leaves the USA, the package is your responsibly, and sometimes there may a tiny duty tax you must pay to release your shipment.