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The Doctors TV Show Features VitaStik

At first review, Dr Travis coverage seemed a bit negative about our Organic Vitamin Stick.  But after watching the show a second time, his point of view is clear.  He is negative against "All Vitamin Supplements", as a whole class of products.  He discusses this further in his new book.  To this point, we agree with Travis.  People should always try to get their vitamins from a healthy well rounded diet.  But for those people with an active lifestyle, this is not always easy, and this is where VitaStik can help fill the gap as the world's only Inhalable Vitamin and Essential Oil Stick.  Even after some negative statements, Dr. Travis's ending statements about VitaStik are Very Positive, and Dr Drew clearly loves VitaStik, as he inhales it over and over again, saying "I think I'm in love".   Take a look by watching the video below.