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The Vitamin Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffuser Stick

Unleash the power of Essential Oils, Vitamins, and Wellness Herbs. Water Based Aromatherapy re-imagined, in an easy to use handheld diffuser stick
aromatherapy 2.0


Since 2014 millions of people worldwide in over 70 countries have tried our organic water vapor diffuser stick. Read our verified customer reviews to find out if VitaStik can help you.

All of our organic vitamin Aroma diffusers use the same vitamin base Formula : With Vitamin B2, B6, C, and 20 servings of Vitamin B12


We then enhance each Organic Formula with Holistic Wellness Herbs, Essential Oils, and Edible Aroma Waters to achieve the desired Mood, Effects, And Aromas


So what are you waiting for, pick your desired Mood-Effect or Aroma-Scent to get started.

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What is VitaStik ?

  • VitaStik combines the healing aromas of therapeutic essential oils, with the wellness benefits of vitamins and holistic herbs, into an easy to use, affordable handheld aromatherapy diffuser stick. We call it #VitaminAromatherapy
  • Our diffuser stick formulas are mostly water based, they create a warm water vapor, similar to steam in a hot shower, but infused with the healing aromas from essential oils, wellness herbs, and vitamins.
  • Our mission was to create the world's only Edible USDA Organic Waters Diffuser.

Why is VitaStik Different ?

Why is VitaStik the Most Trusted Name in the Business? 

  • Looking for a healthier alternative, VitaStik created this industry, in early 2014, long before the cheap Chinese knockoffs began (flooding sites like Amazon).
  • We Make our formulas and Fill our sticks in the USA. The other brands make and/or fill their diffusers in not so clean e-cig warehouses in China, using unsafe e-cig ingredients, and unsafe high-heat e-cig components ...don't be fooled, they are all electronic cigarettes pretending to be something healthy. We test these products routinely. While they are safer then e-cigs, they cannot be compared to our low heat water based diffuser.
  • Most Important: our formulas are 100% Food Grade Edible. Designed first to be internally ingested and absorbed. So pure, you can actually drink our healthy formulas. You would never want to try this with competitors EO diffusers or VitaminVapes. Our Motto is "if you would not ingest it, you should never inhale it".
  • Our diffusers will last 2 - 3 times as long as most competitors ...if used as recommended below. Twice the aromas for your buck!
  • Made from USDA Certified Organic crushed and steam-distilled Fruits, Flowers, Holistic Herbs, their Extracts, their Essential Oils, and their Terpene's.
  • Our formulas are mostly Water-Based (safe), not Oil-Based (dangerous), read our blog to find out more on this "Is Vaping Essential Oils Safe ?"
  • We use the industries Lowest-Heat-Element, made of a special heat safe surgical steel, for maximum safety to prevent unwanted formula reactions.
  • No calories, no chemicals, no sugars ...just natures best in a warm water based vapor.
  • We are proud to say we have shipped to over 70 countries. Millions of happy customers have tried our products worldwide since our launch in 2014.
  • Our customers range from Aromatherapy Enthusiasts, Health and Fitness Teachers, Nutritionist, Healthcare Professionals, Yogi's, Asthmatics, to Terminal Cancer patients (including Lung), sufferers of COPD, Anxiety, PTSD, Epilepsy, Sleep Insomnia, Nasal Congestion, all the to people looking for a healthy way to quit smoking.
  • Please Note : we are required to mention, these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. See verified customer reviews here, on YouTube, Amazon, Wish, Ebay, Sears, and Google to find out if our vitamin EO aromatherapy diffuser is right for you.

How to Use VitaStik ?

There are at least 4 methods of preferred use for VitaStik. Depending on the vitamin stick you choose, and the desired effects you hope to achieve. It is best to watch our How To Use Videos below to see each.

  1. BREATHE IN METHOD: Breathe into your mouth for 3 seconds, then fully inhale the vapor in your mouth. Hold for a moment. Then slowly release from your nose. Your olfactory bulb (sense of smell) receptors are in your nose. Aromatherapy works best on the sense of smell. Works best with our Breathe, Silver Bullet and Energize diffusers.
  2. BLOW-THROUGH BREATHE-ACTIVATED AROMATHERAPY METHOD: Our personal favorite method. From the Silver LED-Light side, Gently Blow-Through the stick. This will allow the sticks to work like a traditional essential oil diffuser, but without all the trouble of oils, power-plugs, and messy cleaning. Try this in a car with any of our diffusers. Alternatively, try it over your bed at night with the Lavender SLEEP, Black Currant RELAX, Vanilla Valerian CALM, or Creamy Rose AMORE diffuser. It will instantly transform the air around you, filling your room with warm water vapors enhanced with essential oils, wellness herbs, vitamins, and terpenes.
  3. NASAL INHALER, DECONGESTANT METHOD: Unleash the power of essential oils. The BREATHE and SILVER BULLET use powerful oils, that will instantaneously open your sinuses and breathing pathways in your nose and chest. Try using them as an alternative to Vicks nasal inhalers, or chest inhalers to help you breathe. Works instantly!
  4. MOUTH TO NOSE METHOD: Breathe into your mouth, do not inhale, hold for a moment, then release from your nose for maximum aroma-therapy. No need to inhale, as the vitamins and wellness herbs are dispersed in micro water droplets that can be absorbed via the mucus membranes in your mouth, throat, tongue, and nose.

How Long Does VitaStik Last ?

Every vitamin inhaler stick is Tested and Rated to over: 500 (2 second) activation's, 250 (4 second) activation's, 125 (6 second) activations; which is two - three times as long as the competitor's diffusers, if used as directed below.

  1. Always replaced end silicone end caps while not using, or the organic waters will dry out, and keeps them fresh.Best to keep and ship the sticks Flat, not standing up, (or they can leak).
  2. Allow at least 60 - 90 seconds between each activation, (longer is better), for the organic waters to refill.  
  3. These steps will maximize each stick, (up to 1.5 years). You will notice some formulas last slightly longer than others, as some have more waters, and some have more oils, depending on the formula.
  4. We recommend 5 - 20 three-second activation's per/day, for a quick vitamin boost aromatherapy relaxation session.
  5. If you do not follow all of these steps, then you can dry out the waters in the diffusers, or drain the battery in half as many activation's listed above.

Is VitaStik Right for me ?

  • *VitaStik should only be used by adults. We do not sell direct to anyone under 18.
  • Vapor based products are not recommenced for anyone under the age of 18, in growing lungs. Even though VitaStik is made from water based organics, without chemicals, and without nicotine or other additives, it does still contain vitamins. Children should only use vitamins if advised by a doctor to do so.
  • There are many different people who use our product - all with one thing in common; our customers are all seeking a better alternative, looking for a natural Water based vapor aromatherapy supplement to their current nutritional, medicinal, and healthy regiments.
  • Does VitaStik contain Vitamin E ? NO, USA made, authentic VitaStik do not contain any Oil based vitamins such as A, D, E.

More Questions ?

Have more questions, message us below to find out right away.