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Looking at social media, it’s easy to see people around the world absolutely love Aromatherapy, Supplements, Vaporizing, Diffusing, Holistic-Wellness-Herbs, and Essential Oils.  But very few people have the time or money required to figure out what works best "for you."  We are all different people, and we all have different needs.  More importantly, our needs are always changing as we grow and change. 

There are so many products on the market, some affordable, some very overpriced, and most with less than satisfactory results.  VitaStik combines the best of Science and Technology with Vitamins, Essential Oils, and Holistic-Wellness-Herbs into a simple, handheld, affordable, Vitamin Aromatherapy Stick. 

I am a firm believer that human beings should attempt to get all their vitamins, minerals and nutrients from a well rounded diet, exercise and …lifestyle.  Lifestyle is the key.  However, science and technology are changing so fast, that very few people have the time needed to maintain proper Health. 

Health is life …and a healthy lifestyle is the first step to a happy life!   This is the reason we named our Company VitaStik.  “Vita”, translates to “Life” in several languages.  VitaStick = Life Stick", says our Founder.

VitaStik was Established in early 2014 to capture a healthy and happy lifestyle experience.  It was specifically designed to create an Instant Mood Enhancement Experience ...we call #InstaMood.  We designed our Life Stick to be the world's only organic hand-held mood enhancement Aromatherapy Stick with Vitamins you can Inhale. 

We enhance all or our Aromatherapy Stick's with vitamins, therapeutic essential oils, and various holistic wellness herbs crafted to provide the Health aspect, or wellness factor necessary for a Healthy and happy lifestyle.  Thus our Trademarked name Vita-Stick (Life-Stick), or VitaStik®. 

In essence, VitaStik® is an experience product, or lifestyle company, which focuses on organic Health and Wellness to help others live a happier life.  Our Life Stick …or Vita Stick will work to instantly improve your mood and overall well-being.  InstaMood Vitamin Aromatherapy ...Breathe Enhanced Air.