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Vitastick military disount

We Are Proud

Team VitaStik is proud to say we are MADE IN THE USA!  We are proud to live this country and proud to be allowed to own a business that creates jobs for other freedom loving families.  We all owe our Freedom to those who serve Proud in the Military, now and in the past.  For that, we are proud to offer a discount to those currently enlisted and for those who have severed.  Click below to get verified now! 

Click below to get verified using an .MIL email, or a Military ID of any kind.  Approval takes moments.


Email us : After being verified, email us and tell us where you are stationed, how many troops you are with.  We love to hear this!  If you have some friends who smoke, lets help them quit, or at least transition into a healthy product with VitaStik.  You don't need a lighter or matches.  You can use it indoors.  It does not make you smell bad or have bad breath.  In fact, our VitaStik smell great and help your breath.  Most user reviews claim VitaStik can help provide a overall sense of relaxation and well being.  

Best of all, they are organic, with Just Vitamins, Essential Oils, and Organic Flavor Waters.  MADE IN THE USA

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