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There are at least 4 different methods to use VitaStik. Please watch the how to use video at the link below if you have any questions.  

Please note, certain sticks work better with certain methods, but you can use each of them with any of the methods listed below to find out what works best for you. No matter which method, please allow 90 seconds between each use, to allow the oils to fill back into the diffuser mechanism. If you do not, the sticks life will be drastically reduced.  

1: THE BLOW THROUGH METHOD - Breath Activated Aroma Stick Mode - “Very gently blow into the front side of your aroma stick, the LED Light side. This will activate the diffuser, and will force the vitamin vapor out of the air hole on the mouth end, into the air around you. In a closed room or car, our pure water vapors will last in the air for up to 30 minutes. This allows the stick to work exactly like a traditional essential oil diffuser. Some people prefer this method. The SLEEP, AMORE, CALM formulas work great with this method at night time, while laying in you bed. Or try this with the CALM or ENERGIZE Stick while stuck in traffic in your car. It will bathe the air around you instantly with a pure water vapor, filled with soothing organic essential oil vitamin vapors.

2: NASAL INHALER METHOD - Try our Breathe Stick, or our Menthol Oil Silver Bullet Stick as a nasal inhaler. Both sticks will help to clear and open your nasal and breathing pathways, almost instantly according to most customers. The powerful essential oils in each stick, can help with seasonal allergies, asthma, congestion, chest tightness, and anxiety induced shortness of breathe.

3: MOUTH INHALE - Breathe in from the white air hole side for 3 seconds, hold in your mouth for a moment, then exhale via your nose for maximum aromatherapy effect. This the easiest way to taste each formula. Hold the stick close to your tongue to taste each oil. If you inhale for 6 seconds, the stick will blink and automatically shut off.  To increase stick life, never use it for more than 3 seconds per/activation. This method is good for most sticks, but will not work with the Breathe or Silver Bullet, as those need to be inhaled fully so that the oils can open your the breathing pathways in your lungs.  

4: FULL INHALATION METHOD - We recommend taking short, shallow, and slow inhalations, for 3 seconds. Each inhalation should be exhaled via the nose for maximum aromatherapy effect. We recommend waiting at least one minute between each inhalation, to enjoy the moment, and allow the vitamin aromatherapy to work, and to allow the stick to recharge with oils. This is the best method of use for the Energize, Calm, Breathe, Sliver Bullet, and Focus.  

We recommended 5 - 20 inhalations per/day, broken up as needed through the day for a quick InstaMood boost.

Give each method a try, and let us know which you prefer in the product review we will email you. We love hearing which way works best for each specific need.  

Once activated, you will notice an improved sense of wellness air (the output of the VitaStik), we call "Enhanced Air". There is no smoke, no chemicals and no calories in this Enhanced Air. It is pure water vapor similar to water vapor in the air when taking a hot shower. The water vapor is created by subtlety heating the organic waters in each vitamin diffuser stick which creates a refreshing pure vitamin vapor. Our formulas are heat stable because they are heat derived in a steam distillation process. Furthermore we use specific low level heat components to power our Enhanced Air diffuser. We make it our business to be the best, and the healthiest product in this space, and we challenge you or any other company to find or create something better than our Organic VitaStik!