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How Does the Vitamin Diffuser Stick Work ? 

With the study of aromatherapy and ancient herbs dating back are over 1000's of years, and studies on vitamins and inhaling them dating back over 50 years, VitaStik combined the best of Science and Technology, with Aromatherapy and our EDIBLE Flavor Waters.  Our Stick works by subtly heating our Edible Waters which creates a pure water vapor (similar to steam in a hot shower), but enhanced with Essential Oil Vitamin Vapors. 

The clean water vapor generated by our VitaStik is created from “Just Vitamins + Therapeutic Essential Oils + Organic Flavor Waters”.  Our Flavor Waters are made from USDA certified Organic, EDIBLE, crushed fruits, flowers, holistic wellness herbs, their extracts, and their essential oils.  They are 100% Edible, Kosher, Food Grade, Non-GMO, Organic and Vegan.  Our motto is "if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't inhale it".

This is the key difference between our product, and all others, one word ...EDIBLE..., with Zero Chemicals, Sugar, or Calories in our Formulas.  Each of our twelve formulas are made in the USA at cGMP FDA compliant labs.  They are so pure, you can literally drink them. 

Since we created this space in the market over 4.5 years ago, with our first product "The Vitamin Vaporizer", many others have attempted and failed in our opinion to recreate our magic.  They all seem to miss our original core focus ...Health.  Since 2014 we have re-created our product several times completely, inside and out.  In 2015, we released our all new VitaStik 2.0 - The Vitamin Aromatherapy Stick with 100% EDIBLE ORGANIC FORMULAS.

Be smart, buy Direct, from the creators of the World Famous Vitamin Essential Oil Aromatherapy Stick.