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VitaStik Amore - Inhale Healing Organic Rose Waters with Vitamin Vapor

VitaStik Amore

Healing Rose Waters with a hint of Sweet Cream

This is one of our Famous "Inhalable Flower Waters" Line !   The Healing Organic Rose Water diffuser works wonders to calm the mind and body. It creates a pure water vapor, similar to steam in a hot shower, but infused with with Sweet Creamy Rose Oils of Love and Vitamins.

Made with 100% Organic USDA Roses and Geranium Essential Oils

The Amore Rose Water Diffuser can be activated using any of our 5 methods of use.

If you love the smell of Fresh Roses and the light flavor of Sweet Cream, then you will love this unique Inhalable Flower Experience. Inhale Organic Roses 365 days a year!

This flavor makes for an incredible gift by itself, or when paired with any flower bouquet, a bottle of fine wine, or as a desert apéritifs.

Our Rose Oil aromas can arouse the senses of a god. The Creamy flavor softens the Rose Geranium Oils and makes it palatably sweet. Many people use this aromatherapy stick to relax, any time of day or night. Others use it before bed, to settle their nerves. If you are only trying three vitamin sticks, make this one of them.

Below is a VIDEO of the Blow Through Method, or Breath Activated Method. Try this over your bed at night, or in your car. It will instantly fill the air with a dreamy vitamin enhanced aroma.

VitaStik Amore