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VitaWater Hot / Cold Borosilicate GLASS INFUSER BOTTLE with VITA-MINERAL TEA-BAG


A great way to quickly Purify, Energize, Mineralize, Magnatize, Alkalize, Brew your Favorite Beverage, and Infuse your Water Life and Flavor. 

The Large Size 13 Oz. (400ml) will keep you hydrated all day long.

Double Walled Borosilicate Glass - Maintain Hot / Cold Beverages.

Large Infuser Pod for Fruit, Tea, Coffee, Herbs, and our Mineral Ball Bags.

Two different Bottle's to Choose from :

  1. Stainless Steel with Top and Bottom Lids. (easy to clean)
  2. Natural Bamboo Top Lid.  (do not machine wash bamboo lids) 



  • MINERAL VITAMIN ION HYDROGEN MAGNETIC ALKALINE WATER BALLS: Purify, Mineralize (72 essential minerals), Alkalize, Ionize, Magnetize, and Energize your water, in minutes.  With our natural mineral rock balls.  Also adds Vitamin C and other Anti-Oxidants.  Each bottle comes with 2 bags.  See detailed information below.  
  • FRUIT INFUSED WATER: Doctors, experts and your local spa, will all preach about the benefits from fruit and herb infused water.  Fresh mint, cucumbers, lemon, watermelon or any other favorite choice.  It taste great, is always a healthy choice, and a good way to quickly make some fancy H20. 
  • RICH AROMA TEA ON-THE-GO : Enjoy your favorite rejuvenating tea drinks on-the-go with our infuser.  It will enhance the way you used to drink hot and iced tea, detox your body, and improve your lifestyle!  Choose your favorite tea blend, lose leaf or bags, and off you go!
  • COLD BREW COFFEE : Cold Brew has become the new coffee craze.  It is delicious and experts say a healthier way to drink coffee.  You can store it for days in your refrigerator, and drink it on the go.  Our bottles will keep it cold throughout the day.  HOT BREW COFFEE: Use the Infuser Pod to hot brew coffee.  Leave it in all day, or remove the pod when you like.  Some coffee masters love leaving the beans in their hot water for hours, to extract all the flavors, oils and aromas.  The double walled glass will keep it hot for hours. 
  • BOROSILICATE GLASS and STAINLESS STEEL DESIGN :  Food grade stainless steel filter pods, and borosilicate lab quality thermal resistant lead free glass (safest glass to drink from).  Stop drinking from Plastic Cups and Bottles.  Even hot-drink paper and foam cups are made with toxic chemicals that leach into your water.  Borosilicate Glass is the safest drinking and storage method. 



  • ORP Negative Ball
  • Mineral Hydrogen Alkaline Balls
  • Hydrogen Ceramic Ball
  • Alkaline Plus Antioxidant Ball
  • Tourmaline Ball
  • Maifan Stone
  • Potassium Metasilicate Ball
  • Vitamin C Balls (small amount)  
  • Negative Ion Ball
  • Far Infrared Balls
  • Nano Silver Balls
  • Magnetic Ceramic Balls

These soft woven mesh bags are designed as a portable, on-the-go solution, to purify, and enhance your tap or bottled water.

The balls are made with similar natural elements to our 10 Stage Gravity Water Filter System.  The balls inside the woven bags work very quickly to absorb undesired "things" found in tap and bottled water, and then to distribute desired elements into your water.

In effect, they strip the water of things you don't want, and then re-structure the water into a natural, more active, more energetic H20.  Adding 72 Essential Minerals to the water, and Vitamin C.  Alkalizing the water.  Activating the water.  Magnetizing the water.  Ionizing the water.  Energizing the water.  All in a matter of minutes. 


HOW TO USE the VitaWater Mineral Ball Bags

  1. Clean Bag : by placing in clean cup or bottle of water.  Gently shake.  Allow to sit for one minute.  Dump out water.  Rinse cup or bottle. 
  2. Fill with clean water, either tap or bottled water.  Preferably filtered or bottled.
  3. Place Mineral Bag into cup or bottle. 
  4. Allow to sit for 5 - 10 minutes. 
  5. Water is ready to drink. 
  6. Remove bag, allow to air dry on a clean surface. 
  7. Each bag is good for up to 1000 uses, and has a shelf life over 5 years. 
  8. Do not use in Hot Water.  You can use with water, before you heat it.  Then remove bag, and heat water for tea or coffee. 


The silk woven bags are fragile.  They can easily tear and open.  When using, and washing bags, be gentle not to tear bag or break seam.  Rarely, a bag might tear during shipping.  For this reason, we ship Two Bags with every order, and an extra pull-string mesh bag.  Two for the price of one. 

If you purchase our Glass Vita Water Infuser Bottles, the balls can be stored inside of the bottle infuser pods, with or without the woven bag.

We recommend using filtered or bottled water, always over tap water. 

We also recommend using our Borosilicate Glass Bottles.  They come with Two Free Mineral Bags.  Are made from lab quality glass, for the purest drinking experience.  They are also double walled, to maintain hot and cold liquids for hours.