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Flora - Hibiscus Sweet Vanilla Waters

VitaStik Flora - Inhalable Flower

Hibiscus Cucumber Waters with Vanilla hint of Mint

This flavor is like nothing you have tried before. Flora is part of our Flower Waters Line. We mix Organic Crushed Hibiscus Flowers with our Pure Organic Vanilla Waters. Then we add the tiniest hint of Mint. The combination creates a light floral soothing flavor, almost milky-like aromatherapy sensation. The Essential Oils mix perfectly to level the undertones. We are in love with this one of a kind flavor. It's soothing tones are good for any time of day or night.

Our Flavors and Formulas are Patent Pending and Made in the USA. They contain none of the standard ingredients you would expect to see in other similar products. They are made without any chemicals. Our flavor Waters are made using highest grade USDA Certified Organics Crushed Plants, Flowers, Fruits, their Extracts, Herbs and Essential Oils. They are food grade and edible.

  • Organic Crushed Hibiscus Flowers

  • Organic Vanilla

  • just a touch of Organic Mint

  • Ylang Ylang Essential Oils

Crushed Hibiscus