Nootropic Inhaler - Focus Vitamin Essential Oil Inhaler

The World's Only Nootropic Inhaler

VitaStik FOCUS with Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and B12 | with Sandalwood, Vetiver and Coffee Essential Oils

What is a Nootropics ?

Nootropics are known as smart-meds, or cognitive brain function enhancers.  Generally supplements, herbs, and other substances that improve cognitive brain function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

True Essential Oil Diffuser Stick

FLAVOR :   Coffee Oils initially with a strong scent of relaxing Sandalwood, followed by a subtle hint of Vetiver Oils.  As you use the Vitamin Focus Stick, the Coffee Scent begins to fade, and the Sandalwood and Vetiver mature in flavor like a fine wine after it breathes.  All of our Vitamin Sticks are Enhanced with B-complex, C, CoQ10.  Focus also contains Ginkgo Biloba, Ginseng and 40 doses of B12.  Studies have show when these three are combined, they create a powerful compounded effect that can help user Focus more, and for longer periods of time.  

In the blockbuster Movie "LIMITLESS" Bradley Cooper takes a magical pill that enhances his brain activity and cognitive function, instantly turning him into a genius.  Since the films success, Nootropics have been the fastest growing segment of the Health and Wellness Sector.  Coffee and Tea with Caffeine, and Energy Drinks are considered to most popular and simplistic versions of a Cognitive Brain Enhancer.  There are also many popular prescription Nootropics.  The problem with these Nootropics, is that they have many unwanted side effects.  

VitaStik, being first Vitamin Inhaler company (since 2014), and the World's First Essential Oil Diffuser Stick company (since 2015), wanted to create the World's First Inhalable Nootropic. There are about 10 popular Nootropics on the market these days, but there is only ONE that is Powerful, Organic, and that has been used for decades by millions of people, with tremendous success ; Ginkgo Biloba ! And when Ginkgo is coupled with the powerful effects of Ginseng, and Vitamin B12, the effects of each are dramatically compounded, according to several trials that have been conducted with very high success rates using this combination.  

We further enhance our Focus Inhaler Stick with Organic Coffee Essential Oils, Sandalwood Essential Oils, and Vetiver Essential Oils, which are all known to activate many brain receptors.  These oils also flavor our FOCUS Nootropic Inhaler.  The fresh scent of Coffee early in the morning can spark the brain awake and alert.  Sandalwood and Vetiver have long been used as the best Essential Oils to help calm the Brain in effect to allow you to Focus, and increase Concentration and Cognitive Functions.  

We have tested our Cognitive Enhancing Focus Stick on 750 Lucky VitaStik Customers.  Sending past customers a Free Focus Stick to test before we launched this blend in early 2017.  The Feedback has been nothing short of Tremendous!  



Ginkgo Biloba (Salisburia adiantifolia) : An ancient plant extract that has been used in China medicinally to heal various health ailments for thousands of years. The University of Maryland Medical Center reports that ginkgo biloba is the oldest tree species on earth and possibly the first used for its holistic effects.  Widely studied for its effective anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, platelet-forming and circulation-boosting effects.  Current research show ginkgo benefits include improved cognitive function, positive mood, increased energy, improved memory and reduced symptoms related to multiple chronic diseases — for instance, it’s been used as a organic asthma remedy, ADHD remedy, and dementia treatment.  In fact, it’s believed to be so effective that you need a doctor's prescription to obtain this powerful herb in Germany!

Sandalwood (Santalum album) : the most expensive essential oils, second only to rose sometimes, promotes mental clarity, memory, and overall cognitive function.  A 2006 study evaluated the effect of sandalwood oil on attention, memory, and arousal levels.  Those who received the sandalwood oil, when compared to control subjects, felt more mentally aware and demonstrated behaviors linked to increased attention and cognitive brain clarity.  Also used for its strong calming mental calming effects.  

Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) : known as the Oil of Tranquility : Vetiver Oil has a tranquil, grounding and reassuring energy, often used in trauma helping with self-awareness, calmness, stabilization and brain focus.  Great for boosting energy levels during exhaustion.  Used as a nervous system tonic, it decreases jitteriness, and panic attacks.  A study published in Natural Product Research examining the anxiety-like behavior in rats concluded that vetiver oil may be useful in lowering anxiety effects.